Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Punjabi Underworld

For anyone who can even slightly understand punjabi, this is a MUST SEE. I have seen many mashups/dubs, but this one just takes the cake. The timing of the dialog, the expressions, everything is just perfect. And of course, the "Gaalees" (abuses) are the best you will see.

I am also attaching my version of the transcript .. I did it so i could memorize the whole thing.

hai !!! nee ta lagda hain aj bahut gusse'ch hai. nee bhen kidhar challi haan ? nee !

nee kale kanjar teri bhen nu lan maariya ! mekhon paise le ke mainu philospher da pistaul de'eta. Aa phad pistaul te paal (?) apnee bhain da phuda.

gashtiye kee yaad rakhengee. Aih mein golee banayee ah - te eh lohe diyan bundaan vee paad devegi.

huh ! tu pehle vee bhain-i-oye see ainj hee keha see -

accha ! ja phir bhain-uva !

tu phie nahin na mannee kise kanjar dee gal. Ai bund-mara laya hai ainna ne pistaulan inna diyan chaldiyan nee samjhiyan ?

tu apnee vich bhain na huva ! tu aidee gal na manneen kudiye !

tu apne aap nu samajhda kee hai bhainchoda kaaliya ! Ai teree maan da khasam pols de vich afsar hai vadda. kanjara. Chadd paran .. tu das asi ida kee kareeye ?

Aidee maa da chola maariya mein soch leya. Ainoo mein lai jaana hai chuk ke thaane, te jadon innoo vajje na panj chittar te aidee saree shokhee nikal janee hai.

Tu chuk ke lai jaana hai ehnoo thane mere paise kaun daoo ? Puchh is bhainchode bachhe kolon !

Tu maithon puchh ke pistaul leya see - gashtee dee bachhiye ?

Tu mainu gashtee keha teree maan nu lan maariya kanjree deya bacchiya - mein teree bhain kolon paise lai ke annee aan bhainchod talliya (?)
Ai kaale bondoo dee ta bhain nu yevan


chad paran aidee maan nu lan main de layoon.

huh. de layoon.

aidee bhain nee javayee. tere layee mehentaan kar chaddiyan din raat ik karta. lakh rupaiye dee golee banayee.

tu bhain de phudde'ch lai lai oh golee. mein teree bund vee paad denee nale udee vee paad denee vich

lai duss yaar !

Oh tu apnee bhain ee aai jaandan hai gal sun meri is bhainchode ne nee mannana.

jabaan nu lagaam de oye gashtee deya.

tu badee doctor dee kudee hain ! Chup karke bai. Davan tainnu vee lun, kanjree deya ?

phitte moo ! kuttee de puttar.

badiyan sohniya gaalan kadhdee ..

tu sunee hai ? aidee te maan noo main oh gaalan kadhda hunda see oh nee kade aggiyan bolee. Jaa zara ja ke uhda pata lai kite hore no jaa ke phadda lai lave mainoo bhugatna pai jaayega.

Mangoes !!!

Yummy mangoes are still in season. "Chausa" is the local favorite .. at this time of the year. I cannot believe that i have been missing these for the last 12 years. For the uninitiated, there are several hundred varieties of mangoes in India, and you get these at specified times in the mango season. "Langra" is my favorite, though i missed it this year.

Came to Chandigarh this morning on the Shatabdi. They have cool new coaches, with huge windows and really nice soundproofing. Lalu is doing a good job !
On the way to the railway station, the security arrangements for our Independence Day were fully operational. We encountered 3 road blocks within 200 meters .. on the same road. I guess they don't trust themselves to do a good job the first time around !!

Took the Meridien front desk folks on a walk with our expert yesterday. Was supposed to be Lutyen's Delhi, but our security conscious police had decided to restrict access to most areas near the India Gate. We drove around some areas which i had also not seen. Walked for a bit at Gandhi Smriti, the place where Mahatma Gandhi was shot. Interesting place. Would have been better if it had been a little cooler ;-)

Messaged Shveta about the girl to ask if she was single. "Call her and find out" was the reply. Maybe I will do that tomorrow. Still cannot figure out how ALL records of her number have been removed from my phone. (I did store her number as a contact. In any case i should have it in my dialled calls)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturday Night

10 PM to 12 PM:
Niki and i went to Shweta's engagement party. Saw Animesh dance for the first time ! Free booze, excellent appetizers, even a cute girl who also danced well (I did get her phone number, although i still dont know if she is single or not).

12 PM to 1 AM:
Met up with some OLD OLD friends (seniors from IIT) in Saket. Asthana, Tau, Penta, Rajiv Rattan, Saket .. signed up to play golf with them !

1 AM to 4 AM:
I sat in a jam session for one of the best bands in delhi, Parikrama. They have been around for long time, started around when i was in college.
The drummer is Kalsi's brother in law. I can safely say that it was one of the most awesome musical experiences in my life !
This was in a studio in Hauz Khas mkt ... almost like a college gig. Only that the whisky was Johnnie Black instead of Aristocrat. And that the female groupies of old are now wives :-)
The band has been together for while now, and you expect the "tightness" in the music. But this was the first time i have seen good musicians just letting it flow .. The vocalist would start on "I still haven't found what i am looking for", but a totally different version from the original one. And on a very off beat (at least that is what it seemed to me initially). But the way the other members followed, and the way that the beat came together .. man ! Excellent joints were being passed around. The hindi word which describes the mood best is "suroor", which means something between intoxication and passion.
There was a Djembe which i promptly took over, though i think i was careful not to disturb them too much.

You can see it in these peoples faces ... they are good, they are good together, and they were really just having fun. And so was I.