Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anniversary ?

I totally forgot about it ! Its been more than an year since I first started this blog. That means its been more than a year since I moved back to India.

OKOK .. I know .. I have spent more time outside India since then, but its in Delhi that I have spent the most cumulative days.

In this time, I have :

  • started and quit a job (I would count it as a job, though i was not getting paid for it, and was on the executive team). and unwillingly discovered how painful it is to get quality work done in India.
  • changed my country of citizenship (I am a US citizen now)
  • discovered a lot more about my true nature, and discovered that the discovery has just begun!
  • been involved in my FIRST major (relatively) auto accident, where I was at fault (was a little sobering) (figuratively, not literally)
  • traveled to 4 different continents. and about 8 different countries.
  • gotten some of my pictures printed for the first time. and realized that physical copies are much for satisfying than mere electrons.
  • been surprisingly addicted to a social networking site, for the first time in my life. there is something to facebook.
  • re – acquainted myself with a lot of my cousins, and most of them are surprisingly cool. and some extended famliy as well.
  • become more involved with my family than I EVER was (dont know if its good or bad)
  • probably consumed some intoxicant or other on about 90% of the days (definitely bad)
  • consumed inordinate amount of an intoxicant on about 50% of those days (when you do it, go for broke)
  • heard some advice on getting married about a 100,000 times. from unexpected sources. including random strangers i meet for the first time. and most married friends.
  • worked out regularly for about 80% of this period. and eaten healthy (mangoes, sweets and aloo paranthas dont count)
  • realized that the worst thing one can do ion life is to take oneself too seriously
  • came to the conclusion that the quest for perfection, though a noble pursuit, can take too long. good enough is usually good enough. usually !

Wouldn’t have had it any other way !