Thursday, October 30, 2008

Photo Dilemma

I am in the process of figuring out how to share my pictures.


For the longest time, I had all my pics on my hard drive (backed up, of course). This was very useful, but only to me. Then I discovered Flickr ! In my mind, this is a serious photography site, and I have tried to post only my best pictures there (i know, i know, its all relative!). These are pics I have chosen, and worked on in lightroom. These are relatively high resolution, and since I am a pro member at Flickr, I can organize them into any number of albums, with no upload limit.

(BTW .. this is a serious plug for Adobe Lightroom. If you are serious about your pictures, there is no better way to manage them)

So where do my casual pics go, pics that are related to a particular occasion, that I want to share with my family. So I started posting them on my picasa web account as public galleries. This account also contains any pictures I add to my blog, but those are in a private gallery. These are primarily meant for viewing on the web, and are not very high rez. If someone needs a print, I advise them to contact me to get a higher rez image. This way I keep a check on the size of the account, as it is limited.

Then I discovered a third category of pictures. These are ones that i need immediate dissemination, and the best way to do that seems to be to post them on facebook.


The one great thing about facebook is the ability to TAG people. A picture from a party can be immediately posted, the appropriate people tagged, and the meme is guaranteed to reach the relevant folks ASAP. An added benefit, these are usually pics that I would not like my parents to peruse at will. Since they are not on facebook (i am assuming here), I seem to be safe.

The best part about facebook : It can very easily display and inform about any pictures you post on either Flickr or Picasa. So friends following me on facebook also get information about any new uploads I do to the other 2 sites. And of course, the ability to upload/tag using my mobile phone.

Seems to be working out ..