Thursday, April 24, 2008

Choices ...

I was really getting inspired to write up my thoughts on the sanctity of life (overhyped, in my mind), the concept of good and evil, and some other very philosophical topics.
But then I came across some downloaded knowledge material on my laptop. Specifically, the documentary called "The Truth About Female Desire". This is BBC documentary about a study conducted by the Kinsey Institute into female sexuality.
This was a point in life where every man has to make a choice. And I made mine. And the blog post will be coming next week. Because right now, I am.

soooorrryyy .. bad Pun !

P.S. : The videos have been taken off from google video, but can be found on many bit-torrent sites. For newbies to this, just download the uTorrent client and install it. Then go to mininova, and click on "Download this torrent". uTorrent should automatically pick it up, and start downloading. Its about 1.6 Gb.