Friday, September 14, 2007

Niki and Sonam

Have not taken ANY pics for a long time. So, took my camera to Pahargunj the other day, but it rained. On coming back to Niki's house, there was some great light, so i asked Niki and Sonam to stand in front of the gaurdhouse.
Sonam's pics is a little out of focus. My fault entirely. Was not patient enough.

I like the background. I think i will go back and take some more portraits there.

Bands on my Hand

As an explanation for the previous pic ..
There is a festival in India called Rakhi. Sister tie bands on their brothers arms - and the brother promises to look after the sister. The band is also called a Rakhi
This is from last month .. these are rakhi's from Ruchi and my other numerous cousin sisters. You are supposed to keep them on till they fall off on their own. Some of mine have fallen off by now, but 3 still remain.
When i was a kid, one of the teachers in our school had an idea that all the girls in the class should tie Rakhis to all the boys, essentially nominating them brothers !! Even at that age, i had enough sense not to go to school that day !

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Unexpected

Somehow it is always the unexpected which gives you the most pleasure. This is orthogonal to the "anticipation" concept which Navin has proposed and which i fully agree with (more on that at some other time).
Today it took me 90 mins to drive from work to Johri's place. Played badminton .. had a couple of good games. Came home and decided to go to Fox for dinner. It is happy hour all night long on Tuesday. 2 for 1 all night long. Can't beat that.
Had some good conversations with Johri/Ak/Nat/VK. That's what i mean by unexpected. Every weekend you get some sort of pressure to enjoy. (well, i do. maybe thats something i need to change anyway). But today was cool. A Bonus.
Karaoke was ready, but i guess the participants all bailed out. thats ok .
Been busy somehow. haven't had a chance to do ANY photography at all. which is sad. will make it a point to explore more places. (went to PG with niki and sonam, but the rain spoiled it all). Golf is progressing. I never thought i would ever have any comment on my golf game. But Johri insists on going. And its kinda fun after a while. When you can atleast hit the ball about 50% of the time. And the caddies dont laugh at you. And you can hit farther than the lone female in your group (Niki). Mostly.
Have finally managed to get the Johri household wired for music. Can play my iPod on their dying stereo. makes a hell of a difference in the mood of the place. Hope to exploit it in different ways someday.
Did i tell you about last weekend ? Gurgaon closed at 12 am in the night. Yes. Gurgaon. All of it. A new DCP (Deputy Commisioner of Police) is in town and has not been paid off enough. Yet. hopefully the club owners will have taken care of it by next friday. Getting home at 12 am on friday night kinda sucks.
Delphine and D should be back this saturday from their trip down south. Am looking fwd to seeing both of them. They are fun to be around - whatever happens.