Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Private Gallery

Encouraged by some great family support (mostly my cousin Mona), I decided to get some of my pics printed and framed. My major concern in this undertaking was color management … What looks good on my screen can actually look crap when the prints come out. There were 2 options : read about the whole field (very complicated) and get it 100% right, or stay lazy, ignore the whole thing and just make sure it is somewhere near 90% ok. Guess what I chose !

Got some prints done from the local shop (nothing fancy, just 8x10 s) and tried several different framing places. Found one person in the Hauz Khas market who is pretty good, quality conscious and competitively priced. And one of the prints came out really well …

meet me here !

I did have to crop the 4:3 prints to get to the 8x10 ratio of the standard print size. Each print cost me about Rs 250 .. an excellent bargain.

Then the fun started. My other cousin Sonal, who is a set designer, was in Delhi for a shoot. She saw these ones, looked at some more, and asked me to get a whole series of shots framed for use in her set. She would pay for it. Nepotism at its best ! This was from Berlin, actually taken with Niki’s excellent Panasonic FZ-18.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

One of these was blown up to a 50x28 size. Was a little pixelated, but excellent background material. What i realized is that a print and a frame can really bring out a picture. I don’t consider myself to be a great photographer, but even I kinda like the way they have turned out. And I realized that they make great gifts. So this is what y’all will be getting next time there is an occasion.

Right now, they will be in a private collection, on the walls of my flat in Delhi, and in my parents new flat in Chandigarh ;-)

Hopefully I should be seeing these in the ad sometime soon. Will keep y’all posted.