Monday, September 03, 2007

Party Log

So just for the record, let me give an account of last week's revelries.
Thursday was karaoke night. D,D, Jeremy, Alice, Ruchi, Niki, and Natalie (she manages models). Not a very happy night for others, as none of use were great singers. And instead of the simple "Walk of Life", the DJ put on "November Rain" for me to sing. Disaster.But, we had fun.
Friday was mostly at Richa's place. Johri, Ak, Nat, Selvita, Walia. Because we did go to ministry, just 1/2 hr before it closed !!. After that, decided to ride to my place to get my ipod for music. Scared richa by driving at 120 kmph. On the way back got stopped at a routine checkpoint. Cop asked for papers, so gave him the registration. He takes it and asks me whose name the car is registered under. Of which i have no clue, and i tell him that. He asks for a license and i give him my texas licence. Which is punched, and invalid , BTW. I told him that the hole was for chain to hang it on the neck. He did not know what to do. Move on, he said. Mind you , i was above any reasonable alcohol limits at that time. But that is not important in India.
Saturday night was Aura, as I had mentioned. Nice hip/young crowd. Good music. Again, Ministry had closed early, so came back home, and had my first real conversation with D and D.
Tomorrow is a holiday. YEAH ! so, Buzz again tonight. I dont think i have to repeat who is going to be there. You know that already.

Routinely Normal

Life has settled into a nice routine. I am still able to keep up with the simplefit workout (though i confess i have missed a couple of days, and have not been able to resist some delicious gulab jamuns from time to time. well .. maybe a little more than that ).
Try to go to Gurgaon every alternate day to play badminton, and stay over at Johri's place when i do that. His 'mundu' cooks good food. Its almost like a return to the hostel days. That house houses 3 dudes(ok .. one of them is hosting a girlfriend these days, but that is a small matter). It is set up as a nice bachelor pad. Sharab and Kabab are plentiful.
The badminton is a nice cross training workout .. just because i am still getting my movements back. And once in a while i enter the squash court where Johri just runs me to the ground. I can safely say that I will be in excellent shape if i continue this for another month or so !!
I think this was one thing i really missed in SF - the play. You can run, workout, whatever, but now i realize how much i missed the games in my life. I am also trying to set up a basketball session soon, though i know that will be a big disaster for the first couple of days. I know i am not fit enough to run 40 mins on the full court.
Just got some reality checks .. went to visit Sonal's ailing dad in Jind. He has lost so much weight. The left side of his body is very unresponsive. I sat next to him. I think he recognized me, because he patted me on the head and extended his hand to hold mine. His hands are bigger then mine, if you can imagine that. He gripped my hand and i was completely taken by surprise at how strong that grip still was. He is a really strong man, still. I sometimes wonder what it feels like to know that you have a limited time to live. Very limited. What would I do if I knew that .. with the options limited by a severe lack of mobility !
Also, on the way back from Aura with Delphine and D, came across an accident. The police were on the scene. A car had rammed into a motorcycle. Delphine was driving, and said that hopefully no one was hurt. But i spotted the body lying on the road. I am glad neither Delphine or D noticed it. There was not doubt about it, it had the rag doll look of a lifeless shell. And no one was paying any attention to it. An easy way to die ? Better than when you can see it coming for an extended period of time and not do anything about it. ?
Aura was excellent on saturday. Had not heard good house music in a while. Had only one drink there because the music was enought to keep me high. A surprise : Sonam (another one of Sonal/Niki/Ruchi's friends, she's from Ladakh) came out with us. And she was totally into the music .. eyes closed, just dancing with herself and enjoying the music. Anyone that can do that is sorted out, i think. Tried to go to Ministry after that, but they closed early. So came home (Me, Delphine, and D), listened to some hindi pop, and talked about Hindi movies. Was nice. Had not talked to D and D before, except shouting across a table in a club. They are really cool chicks. Am i repeating myself here ?