Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Quiet Sunday Evening !

On Saturday, Niki, Ruchi and I had a delicious teppanyaki dinner at Oriental Bloom in the Ansal Plaza. Johri joined us and we proceeded to jeremy's house, for a farewell party for his two sisters, who are going back to Paris. Quite an interesting crowd, the hightligt being this australian girl Penelope, who could really sing. She plays with a local band called "Men Who Pause". Say the name out loud and you will get the joke. Good band ..  might go to see them play sometime. Ruchi and Niki decided to have a small gathering at our place the next evening (Sunday), and invited Jeremy and family.

Ruchi dragged Johri and me to watch the GP2 race at Buzz on Sunday afternoon, and after that we played golf with Niki (she is pretty good), and bought back some mixers for the party.

At around 8:30, the four of us were sitting down at our place, and started with some wine. Ordered some food (which Ruchi thought was excessive) from Colonel's Kebab. Jeremy, Alice and Camille arrived at around 9:15. By this time we had also spontaneously invited Gypsy King (previously mentioned) and Richa + Walia. Because we thought we needed more people in the house to finish off the food and drinks. Food arrived (it was a lot) and we started on the Kebabs.
D said that she was with 3-4 other folks, and did we have enough food ? I thought we could manage .. after all, these were french people, who anyway do nibbles. Gypsy King showed up with Ankita and two other girls, one of them had enough attitude for 20 people, and teeth to match. The other one was kinda ok though .. I will let you figure out which is which. Oh, BTW.. she was going to LA soon !
And i have to mention Trevor and Charlie (the wife), recently arrived from London, on assignment here for 3 years. At this time we were seriously running out of glasses to serve drinks.

Then came D with the boyz. What i did not expect were 3 already inebriated and hungry students, 2 of which were gay. Putting all reserve aside, they attacked the food with gusto. Of course, after they had poured themselves some drinks. Here they are. The girl on the left is also french .. someone we met at a karaoke party one night.
Looking at their revenous appetites, I had to advice Johri and the others to partake quickly, an advice which was taken to heart by all.

This is a scene from later in the night, when the music was at full blast. This is about 1 am.  Richa, Niki and Ruchi are in the VIP area.

Now we are nearing about 2 am. Remember, this is a Sunday night. Sunglasses seem to be the theme of the night. At this point i had stopped noticing who was coming and going, and there were about 30-40 people in the house.

Ah, and there was this one indian dude (nobody can recall who knew him - and how he came to be in the party). He tells me, "My gay friends will really like you". When I made a quizzical face, he appended "and the girls too !".

So now its about 3 am, the party is starting to die down. I am leaving y'all with a final glimpse of D. Those are my aviators. From 12 years ago.

I fell asleep twice next morning in the office. Luckily, i am good at dozing off while seeming to be busy on the computer.